What causes sanitary sewer backups?

One of the most common causes of sanitary sewer backups is heavier items being flushed down the stool. Items, such as feminine products, adult or baby wipes, paper toweling, or tissues, do not break down and can get caught anywhere within the lines. Sometimes, even the grade of toilet paper, such as double ply, or printed, can catch and plug the line. We recommend making sure the paper is single ply, white, with no pleats or designs. This type of paper breaks down within the toilet and flows through the lines. With the newer, low flow toilets, it is imperative that nothing restricts the flow of water.

Backed up sewer lines can cause a lot of damage to homes. Besides watching what is being put into your sewer lines, the first step in avoiding sewer blockages and damages is sewer cleaning. Give City Sewer of Midland a call so we can find the source of the clog and prevent further damage or avoid damage all together 989-832-2098

We also have 24/7 Emergency Service available!

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