Excavating Services

Excavating Services

City Sewer Of Midland offers both residential and commercial excavating services. We have been serving the Midland and Sanford area since 1953. Quality Service you can depend on!

Excavating Services Now Could Prevent Expensive Damage Later

Many Midland area homeowners and businesses face the possibility that water from the city’s main sanitary sewer could back up into their homes when it rains heavily, increasing the chances of flooding.

Homeowners can benefit from disconnecting their composite drain tile and sanitary sewer systems and installing a separate drain tile sump pump discharge system. This upgraded system can alleviate flooding concerns by establishing adequate backflow prevention.

As the old saying goes, it’s better to apply an ounce of prevention now to avoid needing a pound of cure later. Water damage is inconvenient and costly to repair.

This conversion is an excellent upgrade for homeowners, as it offers protection from the real threat of flooding. City Sewer of Midland is the right contractor to do the work.

Our company has helped friends, neighbors, and Midland area community members for over seven decades with trusted sewer, septic, and waterproofing services. We focus on waterproofing, sewer replacement, drain fieldwork, as well as residential and commercial excavation. Some of our commercial properties, include the Christian Celebration Center, the Rollin M Gerstacker Foundation Building, Cleveland Manor, Dow Gardens, and St. John’s Episcopal Church.

Why Would I Need Excavating Services?

Generally, excavating services are required when a homeowner or business needs to make an underground repair or need to install or upgrade services like specialized plumbing. With years of experience excavating soil, rocks, and other dense materials from commercial and residential sites’ subsurfaces throughout the Midland area, City Sewer of Michigan has the equipment and know-how to get the job done.

How Does Excavation Service Work?

Excavation service requires heavy-duty equipment for earth-moving, including front-end loaders, steam shovels, and bulldozers. Underground work calls for skilled excavators using hand tools to handle the intricate final details.

Most excavations use a blueprint outlining the sewer construction area, including water and the pit’s full depth and width. Workers then use a bucket loader to remove rocks and soil. Equipment operators scoop the debris and dump the bucket in a designated area. In places too small to fit mechanical equipment, digging gets completed manually.

Why Choose City Sewer Of Midland?

Due to their complex nature, there’s the potential for a few issues to arise during an excavation project. The most common is subsurface damage to the area the crew is developing. Damage to property landscaping is also a possibility. Choosing an experienced and fully bonded, licensed, and insured excavation company like City Sewer of Midland helps protect your interests.

Whether you want to protect your home with a backflow prevention valve installation or you’re interested in doing routine maintenance to your sewage and septic lines, City Sewer of Midland is available to help with your improvement project. Call today to get a free, no-obligation estimate.

Family-owned and operated since 1953, City Sewer of Midland offers scheduled and emergency services when you need them.



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